Accumulator – Dodge Dart DDCT
Accumulator – Dodge Dart DDCT

The accumulator is responsible to store the pressure of the hydraulic system for later access by the actuators. The bladder type accumulator has two cells: one cell storing the hydraulic fluid and one cell containing a gas to create counterpressure. Both cells are separated by a membrane. These accumulators have a certain life span and a common defect is that the gas leaks out of the cell, which causes the system to be unable to build up hydraulic pressure. In many of such cases, the pump appears to prime permanently.

We offer a brand new original Magneti Marelli spare part.

Clutch Kit – Dodge Dart DDCT
Clutch Kit – Dodge Dart DDCT

This complete, brand new clutch kit contains:

  • New Clutch basket with both friction disks
  • K1 slave Cylinder / release bearing
  • K2 slave Cylinder / release bearing
  • Installation hardware, such as screws

Installation requires special tools and may only be carried out by qualified personnel.

Pump Motor – Dodge Dart DDCT
Pump Motor – Dodge Dart DDCT

New Dodge Dart DDCT pump motor

  • Original Magneti Marelli spare part
  • High quality
  • 12-month warranty included

The pump supplies the hydraulic pressure for the different consumers (actuators) of the Dodge Dart DDCT system and stores it in the pressure accumulator. The pump consists of a small gear pump and an electric motor. If the pump motor fails, the DDCT cannot perform clutch operations or gear changes due to the lack of pressure.