Pentosin CHF 11S
Pentosin CHF 11S
Pentosin CHF 11S is a synthetic high performance hydraulic fluid for life-time application in modern vehicle aggregates. Pentosin CHF 11S is especially designed for hydraulics in the automotive industry with the highest technical requirements such as in: power steering, level control, shock absorber, hydro-pneumatic suspension, stability and traction control, hydraulics for convertible tops, central lock systems, etc.It is suitable for all extreme conditions and guarantees full performance from -40 Degree Celsius to over 130 Degree Celsius system temperature.Pentosin CHF 11S meets DIN 51 524T3 and ISO 7308 specification standards.
Pressure sensor – Alfa Romeo TCT
Pressure sensor – Alfa Romeo TCT
The pressure sensor is responsible to detect the hydraulic pressure in the accumulator of the Alfa Romeo TCT system. This is an original and brandnew spare part.
Sale! Pump motor – Alfa Romeo TCT
Pump motor – Alfa Romeo TCT
New Alfa Romeo TCT pump motor
  • Original Magneti Marelli spare part
  • Hight quality
  • 12-month warranty included

The pump supplies the hydraulic pressure for the different consumers (actuators) of the Alfa Romeo TCT system and stores it in the pressure accumulator. The pump consists of a small gear pump and an electric motor. If the pump motor fails, the TCT cannot perform clutch operations or gear changes due to the lack of pressure.

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