Gearbox Service Tool Set – Mercedes Benz AMG Speedshift DCT 7G 7DCL750


This tool set includes all the necessary tools for efficiently dismantling, overhaul, and reassembling the Mercedes Benz AMG Speedshift dual clutch transmissions. From cup extractors to the park lock locker, each tool is engineered for precision and durability, ensuring seamless gearbox maintenance. The set comes with a case and foam insert, ensuring neat and secure storage of the tools.

  • Compatible vehicles: Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS
  • Condition: New
  • Reference numbers: Ferrari 95978627, AV 8627, 95978628, AV 8628, 95978630, AV 8630, 95978816, AV8816, 95978817, AV8817, 95978820, AV 8820, 95978823, AV 8823, 95978603, AV 8603, 95978607, AV 8607, 95978613, AV 8613

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