Printed Circuit Boards – Porsche Macan PDK


The printed circuit boards (PCB) are crucial components of the Porsche Macan PDK transmission and are directly connected with the transmission control module (TCM). Various sensors are mounted on these boards, including the gearbox input shaft sensor and gear sensor. A defective PCB can cause various issues in the vehicle’s transmission system, including implausible signals from the engine control unit and electrical faults in multiple solenoid valves across different sub-transmissions. Additionally, problems can arise with the main pressure valve, cooling oil valve, and clutch temperature monitoring system, potentially leading to torque limitations due to high clutch temperatures. These electrical malfunctions can significantly affect the overall performance and reliability of the transmission system.

  • Compatible vehicles: Porsche Macan
  • Condition: New
  • Reference numbers: Porsche 0FD300040, 9A730004014, 9A730004014000, 0FD300040, 0FD300040C, 9A730004016, 9A7300040PX, 9A730004017, 9A730004100, 9A7300041X

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