We’re offering the overhaul of the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA and 156 GTA Selespeed clutch slave cylinder (clutch actuator). This part is extremely rare and only appears in the limited GTA models of the Alfa Romeo 147 and 156. During the repair process, the clutch slave cylinder will be fitted with a seal manufactured by a specialized company from Germany. It’s perfectly meeting the requirements of the hydraulic fluid and is suitable for the extreme conditions in the Selespeed system. If necessary, we also grind the inner wall of the cylinder.

The clutch actuator (clutch slave cylinder) is probably the biggest vulnerability of the Selespeed gearboxes. Especially with high mileage the chance increases, that the part develops a leakage. According to this defect, the Selespeed system is not able anymore to engage the clutch properly. The gearbox refuses to engage the clutch or does this only while stuttering or shaking. Moreover the hydraulic oil is leaking out of the cylinder and often dripping on the clutch, which makes it unusable.
The repair process is simple:

  1. You send the clutch slave cylinder to us after filling the oder form
  2. We repair it
  3. We send the part back to you

After filling the order form, you will receive a mail with the shipping address and further instructions.



  • Vehicles: Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, 156 GTA
  • OEM part numbers: 60676063
  • Turnaround time: ~ 1 day
  • Shipping: according to shipping cost table (see below)